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Saturday, March 26, 2011

by R J Shulman

NEW YORK - (PTSD News Service) - On his Fox News program, Glenn Beck claimed on the 100th anniversary of the Triange Shritwaist Factory fire, which killed 146 young women on March 25, 1911 and led to labor reforms, that the fire was deliberately set by "paid union stooges." "The Communists had been just dying to infiltrate America and with the help of the liberal press back then were able to hoodwink Americans into passing laws that guaranteed a safe working place," Beck said. "'Now where, pray tell me, does in say in the Constitution does it guarantee anyone a safe working place?"

Beck said that the left wing press ignored that a burned hammer and sickle was found in the factory ruins, proving that Communists were responsible. "The shame of all of the over reaction by Americans to ban child labor and the 20 hour work day bakc then is that today's employers wouldn't have had to ship our jobs overseas to places where they still allow that kind of freedom for employers to make a profit," Beck said, drawing a line on his chalk board from Detroit to Korea, "where all the good car manufacturing jobs have gone."

Beck also said the fire 100 years ago helped cause the illegal immigrant problem we face today. "If America had stayed with the 140 hour work week that existed prior to the Triangle fire, "those lazy Mexicans would not have been pouring over the border to take jobs that require that kind of honest hard work for a dollar a day."

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made a brief appeance on Beck's program saying that the press making a big deal about the 100th anniversary of the fire. "Those girls who died back then would all be dead today anyway, so I don't see what the big deal is here," Walker said.

Beck's comments and a record eight minute crying jag, caused Fox to cancel the show and air a Beck program from the archives instead. "Some of Glenn's facts may not have had the kind of scrutiny for the truth that we at Fox News require of all of our broadcasts," said Fox News President Roger Ailes, "so we replaced it with Glenn's show from December 7, 2010 in which Beck proved that Barack Obama was responsible for Peal Harbor and that the real reason Obama was in Hawaii was not to claim to be born there, but to pave the way for the Japanese attack.