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Saturday, July 20, 2013

By R J Shulman

WASHINGTON – (PTSD News Service) -  A new Quinnipiac University Poll indicates that the GOP have a bright new star on the horizon - recently acquitted George Zimmerman, who has quickly risen as the top choice of likely Republican voters to lead the GOP presidential ticket in 2016.   The poll taken last Friday, showed Zimmerman with 27% of the voters, Texas Governor Rick Perry at 10%, Rick Santorum 8%, Newt Gingrich 7%, Ted Nugent and Michele Bachmann 6%, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Colonel Sanders at 5%.  

“George is the perfect choice for Republicans,” said conservative political analyst Clyde Brimstone. “He is the poster child, or man for two of the most important issues for conservatives, stand your ground and taking the country back, one gated community at a time,” Brimstone told Sean Hannity on Fox.  In addition to being popular as a man who knows how to stand up for perceived eroded rights, Brimstone said that Zimmerman could solve the problem of getting the Hispanic vote.  “This very special young man is the epitome of the dream of millions of brown skinned illegals, that if you work hard in America, you can earn the white man’s birthright privilege, especially when it comes to shooting African Americans with impunity.  Besides,” Brimstone concluded, “George will fit right in with the rest of the GOP who are good at coming up with a different set of facts about things.”

When asked if it would be a problem for Zimmerman to run for president in 2016 as he would be only 31 years old, four years shy of the requirement to have reached 35 years of age to be eligible to be president, Brimstone said, “if the current president can come up with a fake birth certificate to qualify for the highest office, I am sure someone as resourceful as George could do the same thing.”

Hancock Sperling, a spokesman for Zimmerman said he was not sure if former neighborhood watch volunteer from Sanford, Florida would throw his hat in the ring, but “if he decides to run for office he will run in the manner that Trayvon Martin should have run home from the store.”


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