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Saturday, October 27, 2012


by R J Shulman

GRAYSON, New Mexico – (PTSD News Service) – Since Mitt Romney was so proud of his “Binders Full of Women,” the Post Times Sun Dispatch News Service is pleased to present more information about that binder along with six more that make up the Seven Good News, Bad News Binders of Willard “Mitt” Romney: 

1.      Binder Full of Women – The good news is that this binder contains the names of qualified women job applicants, the bad news is that they will not be guaranteed equal pay for equal work with their male co-workers

2.      Binder Full of Jobs  This good news is that this binder contains 12 million jobs, the bad news is that the jobs will be in China

3.      Binder Full of Tax Cuts – This good news is that this binder is full of tax cuts for the so-called wealthy “job creators,” the bad news is that the middle class will be required to pay for the loss of this revenue

4.      Binder Full of Social Security – The good news is that this binder is full of the names of Social Security recipients, the bad news is that their benefits will be administered by greedy guys and gals at Goldman Sachs and their avaricious associates

5.      Binder Full of Afghan US Troop Reductions - The good news is that this binder is full of the names of US troops that will be removed from harm’s way in Afghanistan, the bad news is they will be immediately re-deployed to a new war in Iran.

6.      Binder Full of Health Care – The good news is that this binder is full of the names of outstanding medical providers, the bad news is that this binder contains a list of all of the pre-existing conditions that the insurance companies can use to prevent someone from accessing the services of those outstanding medical providers

7.      Binder Full of Regulation Reform – (OK, we couldn’t find anything good here) This binder is full of regulations that will be removed relating to energy production, banking, investing, manufacturing and protections of workers rights, the even worse news is that the loss of these regulations will be replaced by ones that regulate  your mother’s, daughter’s and sisters’ bodies


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