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Thursday, September 27, 2012


by R J Shulman


NEW YORK – (PTSD News Service) – The replacement referees have been themselves replaced after the NFL Referee Union won a dispute in overtime by dominating the owners in the final moments of the contest.  “The NFL got sacked,” said Ernest Scrimmage, Jr., an attorney for the team owners, “if players on the field acted the way the union thugs did in our meetings, they would have been suspended indefinitely, but thuggery on the part of unions is a play we have seen many times before.”


Scrimmage blamed having to capitulate to the union on the media which he said, “swayed the public with unfounded propaganda spread by union lackeys that there were problems with some of the calls made by the replacement refs.   Those cut –rate refs were doing quite well until the liberal media began to lie about them.” 


The union refs will return, starting tonight with a new contract with a nice pay increase. “Expect ticket prices to go up and the cost of bobble head figures of favorite players to go through the roof to meet theses excessive union demands,” Scrimmage said.  “Now that these socialist unions got there way,” said Pat Bowlen owner of the Denver Broncos, “expect them to try and carry out their leftist agenda by favoring left-handed quarterbacks, like Vick and Tibow.”


The owners said they are not defeated yet and have plans go on the offense.  They will be introducing “right to ref” legislation in states where NFL teams play.  “If someone wants to ref for less pay because of their the love the game or they are desperate to get any job in this bad Obama economy,” said Randy Lerner owner of the Cleveland Brows, “they shouldn’t have to be forced to join the union and have their dues go toward liberal causes.”


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