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Monday, March 19, 2012


by R J Shulman

SANTA FE, (New Mexico) – (PTSD News Service) - When Mitt Romney was asked if he would condemn Rush Limbaugh for his three day rant against Susan Fluke, calling her a slut and a prostitute in the process for having the audacity to want to bring a woman’s perspective to the Senate regarding health insurance coverage for contraceptives, Romney simply said, “those were not the words I would have used.”  That begs the question about what words he would have used. 

Since Mitt has rejected “prostitute” and “slut,” as a public service to Romney, who needs all the help he can to get over the hump delegate-wise, here is a list of other terms that Romney can feel more comfortable using when describing a woman such as Ms. Fluke:  whore, strumpet, floozy, bitch, Jezebel, hooker, lady of the night, lady of easy virtue, working girl, call girl, loose woman, fallen woman, painted woman, scarlet woman, woman of ill repute, easy, nympho, street walker, trollop, tramp, harlot, escort, poon, sex worker, courtesan, camp-follower, tart, moll, bimbo, piece of tail, ho, skank ho, and of course, mega skank ho.

What was curious was that in searching for the equivalent of prostitute for men, there were only three words: Congressman, lobbyist and radio talk show host.  


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