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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

by R J Shulman

WASHINGTON - (PTSD News) - General Stanley McChrystal, America's top military commander in Afghanistan has jumped into the lead for the Republican nomination for president in 2012, although he has not yet declared himself a candidate. McChrystal's meteoric overnight rise to notoriety stems from his interview in Rolling Stone magazine in which he and his top aides mocked civilian officials including the vice president.

"Once it got out McChrystal and crew called Joe Biden 'bite me,'" said GOP strategist Miff Lyarton, "that's all our conservative base needed to know Stan's the man for the nation's top spot." Fox News has already reported that if an election were held today, McChrystal would defeat Obama by 98% to 2% with a 5% margin of error.

McCrhystal, who has been in command over a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan since he was appointed to that position by President Bush in June 2009, is not concerned about his less than stellar performance in the war. "Everybody knows when I did things that didn't work out under Bush it was not his or my fault, but when I did the same things under this new president, it's it proof positive this Chicago big shot lawyer has no clue on how to keep our country safe," McChrystal said.

"McChrystal uderstands the conservative logic," Lyarton said, "like how it was treason for anyone to speak against President Bush, but a moral duty to disrespect Obama." Many GOP leaders agree, believing the dream team for the 2012 ticket is McChrystal/Palin or Palin/McChrystal.

Democratic stategist James Carville scoffed at this idea. "I guess the GOP's choice for who will run for president will be between a general who can't shoot straight and a general nuisance who can."

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