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Friday, June 18, 2010

by R J Shulman

NEW YORK - (PTSD News) - In the wake of Chris Matthews' MSNBC documentary The Rise of the New Right, regarding the Tea Party, the birthers, the deathers, the tenthers, and well armed militias that have more guns than brains, Fox New has announced they are preparing and will air the following documentaries over the next few months to balance things out:

1. The Obama Question - Just Much Does This Foreign Born Socialist Hate America?

2. The Brown Hoard - Just How Much Danger Do the Democrat Liberals Want to Place Your Wives and Daughters in to Secure the Illigal Hispanic Vote?

3. The War on God - Just How Long Will It Be Before Obama Forces You to Become A Muslim Suicide Bomber?

4. Last Shot - Just How Much Time Do You Have Before Obama Confiscates Your Guns?

5. Keep Your Aim on the Prize - Just How Important Will it be to be a Good Shot When Obama's Jack Booted African Youth Corps Thugs Come to Take Your Guns?

6. Locked and Loaded - Just How Imortant Will it Be to Blow the Heads Off the Communist Mexican Muslim Lesbian Flag Burning Pals of the President that Obama has Personally Placed Under Your Bed?

7. The CEO Crisis - Just how much bullying from the America Hating Liberals can these Selfless, Underpaid Patriots Take?

8. Change You Can Die With- Just How Dangerous is it for Americans to go from the Best President Ever, George W. Bush to the Worst President Ever, Barach Hussein Hussein Hussein Hussein (did we remember to say Hussein?) Obama?

9. President Palin - Just How Long Must Patriotic Americans Have to Suffer Before They Hear Those Two Glorious Words?

Fox President Roger Ailes said that Fox News has grown into the most watched news source because they are the only news organization to broadcast both sides of an issue. "For example," Ailes said, "We show the viewers both how Obama is failing and how he is not succeding."

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