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Sunday, June 27, 2010

by R J Shulman

LONDON - After tortuous weeks of being distracted by the gulf oil leak, BP CEO Tony Hayward has been able to get his life back. "It's so nice to get my yacht "Bob" into some clean open waters far away from all that churning and burning oil and fiery words of those rowdy environmentalists" Hayward said.

"It was jolly good to see Tony's smile and that twinkle in his eyes again," said Wyndham Charles Staunton, CEO of Global Assets Holding and a fellow yachter, "Those Yanks were absolutely uncivilized in their treatment of Tony. How can they blame Tony when it's clearly the flora and fauna that got in the way of the oil?"

Staunton is not the only person relieved Hayward has hoisted his sails. One hundred and twenty-two Republicans signed a petition of support of Hayward resuming his yachting life and asking the Presiden to set up a special relief fund to reimburse Hayward for his travel expenses from England to Washington after President Obama forced him to face a questioning squad of partisan Democrats.

Hayward said he appreciated the support, and when he wasn't yachting or finding short cuts to safety for drilling for oil, he was writing a memoir called, On Troubled Waters - How to Keep Yachting with Head Held High Even After You've Ruined Half the Ocean.

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