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Thursday, May 13, 2010

by R J Shulman

PHOENIX - (PTSD News) - Hot on the heels of tough new immigration and anti-Chicano studies - English only laws, Arizona has another new law, the Question and Protection Act, more commonly known as the Arizona Inquisition. The new law requires law enforcement officials to question anyone they believe is not a patriotic Arizonan, including using enhanced interrogation techniques to get suspects to admit they are in the country illegally and will be suject to harsh punisment unless they renouce everything Latino and convert to a pure English speaking American.

"Since the federal government has failed to protect us from foreigners, the new law will help our state get rid of these undesirables," said Governor Jan Brewer who signed the measure into law.

"This bill sets us back about five-hundred years," said Abe Nissenbaum of the Arizona ACLU, "it makes Arizona the bigot state from A to Z."

However, recent polls show that a majority of Arizona voters favor the new law. "We finally will have the opportunity to send home hispanics and Indians who have no business in our state," said Art O'Brien (R-Benson), a supporter of the bill. "With our new shoot first and question later policy," O'Brien said, "we be able to go to McDonalds and have the server understand what the heck we are ordering."

The bill also calls for the restoration of an old Arizona tradition for enhanced law enforcement, the hanging judge.

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