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Monday, May 24, 2010


by R J Shulman

MONTPELIER, Vermont - (PTSD News) - Conservatives across the country are angry over the proposed changes made by the Vermont Board of Education to change their public school textbooks. By a vote of 7 to 2 along party lines, the Board voted to make changes to balance out traditional texts that favor a white Christian majority bias on history perpetuated by the current mass media.

"We have to counter Glenn Beck's fascist chalk board," said Constance Wheeler a member of the Vermont Board of Education, "so we want to make sure our young people get the truth even if it is not always flattering to America or America's traditial majority."

Some of the controversial changes propsed by the Vermont Board for their school books include that Columbus didn't discover America as there were native peoples already living there, that the civil war was in fact fought over the legality of slavery and not just about some Yankees invading the south to steal plantation owner's property, that the race for employers to find the lowest wages possible is not a mission from God, and most controversial of all that Ronald Reagan raised taxes a number of times.

These changes meet with violent opposition from conservative leaders in Texas where their state board of education recently voted to replace Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with Sarah Palin as the person in the last hundred years who most positively influenced America. "Our changes are about telling the truth about Communists like FDR, JFK, Walter Cronkite and the teletubbies, and make sure we include stories of real patriots like Sen. Joe McCarthy, George W. Bush and Joe the Plumber," said Terri Leo of the Texas Board. "The left has made such a dirty word out of 'capitalism' by saying things like 'capitalist pig' that in our text books we changed the word 'capitalism' to 'free market systems.'"

"It just like a free market pig such as Terri Leo to make such stupid comments," Wheeler shot back. Wheeler said Vermont is refusing to adopt the new Texas science text books which have all been reduced to one page saying, "For science, consult the Bible."

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