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Saturday, May 22, 2010

by R J Shlman

MONTGOMERY, Alabama - (PTSD News) - Winfred Boseman, leader of the Alabama Tea Party announced his organization will support legislation to honor James F. Blake, the bus driver who told Rosa Parks on December 1, 1955 to move to the back of the bus. "It's only fair after all these years of honoring one side of this incident, that we honor the other party," Boseman said, "After all, it was Parks who broke the law while Mr. Blake was valiantly trying to uphold it."

"I am in agreement with the wonderful patriots of the Alabama Tea Party's stance on this position of the issue," said Sarah Palin on Fox, "because we must honor those who don't break the law like the brave minute men on the border who shoot the illegal Mexicans who, like Rosa Parks are breaking the law by illegally invading the border to get to the other side like those chickens who cross the road without looking both ways."

Not all Tea Party supporters supporers completely agreed with this position. Rand Paul, newly elected Republican Senate candidate from Kentucky said, "Since it was a city bus, I don't think they should have discriminated against Rosa Parks, but if it was a private company they would have the right to tell Ms. Parks where to sit, even if it was under the bus."

Boseman said his party was planning to honor the first white person to be president of the United States after Obama, "now that Acorn is gone and can't throw the election to a minority." Boseman vehemently denied his Tea Party is racist. "If Obama and Parks had not chosen to live the black lifestyle, we wouldn't need to even have this conversation."

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