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Saturday, February 07, 2009

By R J Shulman
PIQUA, Ohio – (PTSD News) – Several hundred anonymous plaintiffs have filed a class action lawsuit against Sarah Palin for “deliberately and with malice deprived us of our fifteen minutes of fame.” “After the defeat of the McCain/Palin ticket, Sarah should have faded gently into that good night,” said attorney Sol Lefkowitz, “but she has continued to stick her vapid, pseudo folksy persona all over the place. Having long since used up her fifteen minutes, she has been stealing my clients’ fame time at a sickening pace.”

“If she hadn’t taken my moments of fame,” said John Doe #3, one of the plaintiffs, “I wouldn’t have to go by the name of John Doe #3.”

“Sarah Palin is quite remarkable in that she is so unremarkable yet has been able to stay in the spotlight,” said Billy Laverne of People Magazine. “She has stolen so many minutes of fame from others that you might say she is the Bernie Madoff of notoriety.”

“There seems to be merit to this lawsuit,” said Constitutional scholar McKinley Davidson of Columbia University, “having your time in the spotlight is part of the pursuit of happiness which is guaranteed by the Constitution and Ms. Palin has apparently violated that sacred trust.”
Sarah Palin has fired back at those who have sued her, calling them “part of an extremist group of elitists that hate America and pal around with terrorists.” When asked why she should still be in the limelight, Palin said, “I’ll have to look that one up and get back ta ya.”


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