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Sunday, January 29, 2012



by R J Shulman

NEW YORK - (PTSD News Service) – The Post Times Sun Dispatch has learned that Fox News is planning to air a series of special news reports that take aim at President Barack Obama and the Democrats. While the details are sparse, the secret memo obtained by the PTSD from Fox News President Roger Ailes lists a dozen news reports now in production.    


From:  Roger Ailes

To: Rush Limbaugh and the Echo Chamber

Date:  Almost too late

Thank you for your efforts to make the Kenyan usurper a one term president.  Due to the GOP candidates going at each other like they were Democrats, we have to step up our efforts to turn the White House white again.  This is to give you a heads up on the “dirty dozen” specials we will be running.  If you have any material to add, please contact me.  Remember, the truth is our enemy and hatred is our guide.

1.      Can Voting For Obama Turn You Gay?  - The startling results from a comprehensive Liberty University study.

2.       Is Obama Really Osama Bin Laden? – Have you ever seen Obama and Osama in the same room?

3.      How Affirmative Action Thugs Produce False Documents – How community organizers turned gang members are able to create false Hawaiian birth certificates

4.      What Obama Has Promised Illegal Aliens For Their Vote – It’s not what you think, but you should lock up your wives and daughters.

5.      Would Jesus Forgive Obama? – The ultimate test of Christ’s compassion.

6.      How Four More Years Of A Muslim President Will Destroy America – It’s not what you think but you should hang on to your bibles and guns.

7.      Do You Know What ‘Barak Obama’ Means in Kenyan” – We won’t give this away, but it rhymes with Badolph Bitler.

8.      Why Being A Community Organizers Is More Anti-American And Anti-Christian Than Cheating On A Few Wives or Laundering Money In The Cayman Islands And Swiss Banks – The title may be shortened if a GOP candidate is actually chosen.

9.      Is Your Name On Obama’s Death Panel List? – To find out, submit your name, ssn, bank routing and account number to

10.  Is Obama Planning To Boost The Economy By Using White Slaves? – The surprising answer and why you need to learn how to rap to a hep beat, step-up your basketball game, and learn that a bitch is not a female dog and a ho is not a garden tool.

11.  How Obama Plans To Destroy Your Marriage – It’s not what you think, but hang on to your wives and daughters and bibles and guns and Viagra and stack of Hustler magazines.

12.  Is Voting For Democrats A Sure Sign Of Mental Illness, Being A Marxist Socialist Nazi, Betraying The Baby Jesus or All Three – New Heritage Foundation Study Reveals The Surprising Answer.


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