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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


By R J Shulman

WITCHES FALLS, New Hampshire – (PTSD News) – Mitt Romney called Donald Trump an “amateur” when it comes to the enjoyment of letting people go.  “Donald fires people on a trumped up so-called TV reality show, while I’ve done it for years in the real world,” Romney said.   

Trump fired back, saying that, “Romney has often sent henchmen to actually inform employees they were getting the ax, instead of doing it himself.  Now, where is the man courage in having others pass out pink slips?”  Besides,” Trump continued, “I’ve heard that the Rominator keeps flip flopping on how many people will be let go if he becomes president.”

“I fired people first.  Trump is just a copycat,” Romney responded. “At least I suck all of the value out of a business before everyone gets fired.  Trump shoots off his mouth, powders his wig and before you know it, people are forced to leave their jobs because the Donald’s incompetency has caused him to once again have to declare bankruptcy.”

To back up his claim that he is more genuinely excited by firing people, Romney has posted a list of all of the Americans who will lose their job if he becomes president and carries out his promise to privatize social security and Medicare, dismantle all of the agencies that Rick Perry was unable to name and sells the rest of America for its parts.  To see if you have made Romney’s list of those who are slated to get fired, visit and type in the key phrase “vulture capitalism.”


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