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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

by R J Shulman

NEW YORK - (PTSD News Service) - As the Moammar Gadhafi era in Libya comes to an end, Repbulican presidential candidates have credited the ouster of the long time dictator to former Presidents George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. "If it weren't for President Bush getting rid of an Islamic dictator first when he smoked out Saddam Heussein and Osama Bin Laden," said Rick Santorum, "it was only a matter of time before Obama would catch on."   "The liberal media will go out of their way to give Obama credit for Gadhafi's fall," said Sarah Palin, but every right thinking American knows that when Ronald Reagan said 'tear down that wall, Mr. Kruschchev,' that he also meant the wall around Moammar Gadfly so when the iron curtain opened it knocked out the Liberian dictator too.  Boy, if I could have only seen all that from my house, it would have been better than puttin lipstick on a pig, I betcha."

New front runner Rick Perry said, "this all goes to show the ineffectiveness of Obama.  Bush and Reagan hitched their wagon to good 'ol American troups to get the job done when a job needed to get doen, while Obama panicked and immediately gave up control to the UN which we all know is chock full of French and gay soldiers."    Michele Bachman said, "I am not sorry to see Gadhafi go, but if you had a President Bachmann, I would make sure we set up the new Libya as a Christian state and then secure their oil for the good old USA so we could get below $2.00 a gallon, and not leave that country to untrained Islamists who hate America almost as much as Obama does."

When asked if he thought President Obama deserved a little credit for the overthrow of Ghadafi, because of Obama's polices of building a coalition with other nations and helping the rebels plan and carry out a strategy, Mitt Romney said, "Your are missing the whole point.  You simply can't give any credit for anything to a president who doesn't believe that corporations are people too."


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