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Sunday, August 07, 2011


by R J Shulman

SANTA FE - (PTSD News Service) - Standard and Poors did something that no one, including myself, thought they would ever see - they said the credit rating of the United States of America, the only remaining superpower, was just not that good anymore. This is a historic occasion and one of such magnitude requires that we give credit where credit is due, (unfortunately not to the US who is now has a AA+ and not AAA credit rating).

First and foremost, credit must go to the Tea Party who infiltrated the Republican Party and Congress and made certain their promise that government couldn't do anything right came true. The problem is that by their own reasoning each Tea Partier who supported holding the debt limit hostage must now shoot themselves in the head with their own guns. Here is how it goes: 1) Anyone who blows up something American is an enemy such as Osama Bin Laden who according to the Tea Party was justly killed by Bush's successful torture policy, 2) the Tea Party blew up the financial credibility of the US which makes them traitors, 3) Traitors must be punnished, 4) The best punnisment is the death penalty becuase it would be too expensive to use taxpayer money to keep someone locked up for life, and 5) since you shouldn't have to depend on the government for handouts, Tea Partiers whose love for the Second Amendment means they most likely have a gun, should use it and their own bullets, thus saving precious tax payer dollars on frivolous trials.

Also thanks go to President Barack Obama. Now us white folks are grateful to know that the next time we may encounter a strange black man (especially if he was born in Kenya) in a dark alley we should not be afraid, because we now know he is not going to kick our ass.

Thanks go to the Progressive Dems who are not only too chicken to call themselves liberals anymore, but were so angry that Obama didn't reverse 30 years of horribly destructive Reaganonmics in less than two years that they did not go to the polls in 2010, allowing the infiltration in congress by those who say they love the US Constitution but forgot to read it. (see the clause about the debt of the US shall not be questioned for example).

Thanks to Standard and Poors who were careful enough not to waste a downgrade on Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, AIG and the other gangsters, banksters and organized crimesters on Wall Street when they knew that were dealing junk, so that they could use the downgrade where and when it was needed - The United States of America.

I guess whoever said "we have looked at the enemy and they look just like us" may have had something there.


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