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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

by R J Shulman

NEW YORK - (PTSD News) - A federal court struck down the Federal Communications Commission's long standing indecency rules, finding them "too f**king vague." The three judge panel of the Second Circuit of the Court of Appeals said the policy which prohibits the use of swear words on regular broadcast radio and television creates "a chillig effect on free speech and violates the mother f**king First Amendment rights of the people."

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps shot back an angry response saying "the court's ruling is anti-family. How the f**k can parents raise their god-damned f**king kids right when every other f**king word from the TV is a f**king swear word?" Copps called on the commission to revamp the rules to make them pass constitutional muster by being specific enough. "The rules should say," suggested Copps, "something like 'if any of you mother f**king a**holes say some bad sh*t on the air, your mother f**king ass is mine, c**ks**ker."

The ruling by the court was embraced by the broadcast industry who have run afoul of the indecency rule such as the 2003 incident when U2's Bono swore when accepting an award on NBC and the infamous Janet Jackson Superbowl wardrobe malfunction that caused such heartache for CBS. "Now we don't have to have two ways of talking," said Kenneth Baitman of ABC-TV, "you know, our regular way of talking and the mother f**king uptight stuck up your a**hole puritanical mother f**king restricted way we had to watch our f**king language on the air."

Fox TV also supported the court ruiling. "Now we can provide the mother f**king American people with swear words the liberal press won't say and let the people decide the f**king truth.

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