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Saturday, March 20, 2010

by R J Shulman

WASHINGTON - (PTSD News) - While there was certainly a great deal of anger displayed by angry signs and rhetoric at the recent Tea Party demonstration in Washington to protest health care reform, there didn't appear to be any unifying reasons for the protest. The Post Times Sun Dispatch interviewed some of the participants who stated many different reasons for traveling to the nation's capital.

Hal Benedict who traveled all the way from Marysville, California said, "Why would I want a government bureaucrat getting between me and my doctor when I already have an insurance company CEO to get between me and my doctor?" "I'm protesting against all those America haters who say our health care system is not number one," said Connor Haley, of Mineral, Texas, "you don't see dead Americans going to Canada for health care, but you sure see dead Canadians coming here to see American doctors."

Ray Lee Gilstrap an unemployed roofer from Raleigh, North Carolina believes there is no need for a federal government at all. "I can protect myself just fine," Gilstrap said, "with my shotgun and 17 hound dogs, except now it's 16. I had to shoot 'ol Studcake 'cause he was turning gay." "I'd rather pay a high jacked-up health care premium to have American health care than to allow socialized medicine to take away the God given right of a hard working insurance company CEO not to have to get a call on the golf course that his bonus won't be as big as expected," said Bo Swinehardt who carried a sign depicting President Obama dressed up like Joseph Stalin.

"Flo Wiggins, holding a sign reading, "Save our endangered insurance," said "I'm sick of Democrats trying to get votes by blaming the insurance CEO's for dropping or denying coverage. It's not their fault when some cry baby gets sick." "I don't care if 40,000 Americans will die this year without health care insurance, as long as we don't pass a bill where an illegal Mexican could get in to see a doctor before me," said Wilton Whitehall, a Tea Party leader from Sierra Vista, Arizona.

"If God wanted us to have health care as a right, we would be born with an insurance card in our hand," said Roger Flembolt. "I'm against this bill because it give special rights to sick people," said Henrietta Horne who brought her family from Bristol, Virgina to protest health care reform, "where does it say in the Constitution that you have special right to be healthy?"

"Why am I protesting" responded Mack Trugg of Hurricane, West Virgina, "I'll tell you why I'm protesting. This is America, the land of the free, yet we have an uppity person in the White House who doesn't know that all men are created equal."

Most of the protestors said they would continue their grass roots fight by traveling all over the country to protest health care reform as long as the insurance companies keep paying for their transportation.

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