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Sunday, March 14, 2010

by R J Shulman

WASHINGTON - (PTSD News) - Republican strategists may actually agree with one of their arch foes, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that the only thing they have to fear is fear itself. Except with the modern GOP, what they fear about fear is that they may not have fanned their donors' fears enough.

A recent Republican fundraising memo surfaced that their strategy to increase donations would be based on whipping up fears that President Obama was moving the country toward socialism. Predictably, Democrats attacked the plan, but surprisingly, many Republicans have also found fault with the plan. "While threats of socialism or depicting Obama as 'the joker' may have caused anxiety in the past, it's not cutting it in today's tough environment," said Wayne Lee Stanton of the Patriot League, a conservative think tank in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, "To get to the level of fear Republicans need for successful fundraising, they must depict Obama as a practicing voodoo satanist Muslim Communist Nazi and print posters of him with horns and a tail."

"Republicans should learn from their greatest success which was convincing their base that protecting the bonuses of health care CEOs were more important than protecting the lives of thousands of Americans who will die without health care coverage," said Carla Tompkins, a Patriot League researcher, "While using the scare tactics of Obama's death panels were a good start, the GOP needs to spread the word that unless Obama is stopped, he will not only take away all the guns from white men, but make them work in the cotton fields while their wives and daughters are sold to black slave owners. That should bring in a few sheckles."

"We can't let those anti-American liberals co-opt our conservative birth right to using fear by trying to scare us into being politically correct to not go all out to terrorize the public into voting for our candidates," said Rush Limbaugh.

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