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Sunday, December 06, 2009

by R J Shulman

EL PASO, Texas - (PTSD News - Residents of several locations near the Mexican border have been complaining of hearing strange unexplained noises. "It sounds like a whooshing sound, but there is nothing there," said Felix Adama of Douglas, Arizona.

Scientists have been studying the phenomenon, first heard in 1993 in El Paso, but have yet to pinpoint it source. "It sounds like air escaping from a tire and produces the most volume the closer you get to the Mexican border," said Jessica Brody, a scientist from Stanford University, "but there is nothing visible to explain this noise. "I would describe it more like a giant out of control vacuum cleaner," said Eugene Chang of the University of Arizona.

This is not the first unexplained sound that has baffled scientists as they have been unable to uncover the source of the strange noise in northern New Mexico called the Taos hum. Regarding the whooshing sound near the Mexican border, Howard Leibstein of MIT has a theory that these blowing sounds seem to coincide with the closing of manufacturing factories in the US. "My chart shows when a plant closes in the US, the mysterious sound activity seems the strongest." No one has corroborated this theory and Leibstein himself cannot explain the connection.

There may be a new break in the mystery. Rudy Duarte of San Diego said he heard the same sound when he visited China. "When the jet flew over the Chinese border I heard a weird noise. At first, I thought there was something wrong with the jet and got scared until I realized it was the same sucking noise I heard near Mexico." Doris Hutchings of El Paso said she heard the same sound when she recently visited India.

Ronald Grossberger of the Economic Institute in Greenwich, Connecticut has a different theory. "This is the giant sucking sound of American jobs being lost that Ross Perot said would happen if we signed NAFTA," Grossberger said.

The Post Times Sun Dispatch tried to contact Perot for his take on Grossberger's theory, but he was unavailable for comment as he was en route to the new Perot Systems headquarters in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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