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Monday, November 30, 2009

by R J Shulman

ROSWELL, New Mexico - (PTSD News) - Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has "gone rogue" on her own book tour. Palin told a crowd of supporters she was leaving her book tour, today at Hastings Books, Music and Video in this New Mexico town, best known for the site of a supposed 1947 UFO crash. "I've achieved all I wanted with this book," Palin said, "so I'm cutting the tour short to start my next venture called "Never Say Die, " a series of seminars to encourage Americans not to give up on their dreams."

"I've learned how bad it can be for someone to up and quit, like that you-know-who albatross around my neck who was so busy trying to count the houses that he owned that he gave up on Michigan," Palin said. "When you have a goal, you must keep your powder dry, you finger on the trigger, your gun cocked, locked and loaded and your aim true until you can see the whites of their eyes so you know who has been palling around with terrorists and who thinks having the middle name Hussein is as American as being foreign born and starting death panels so he can confiscate your guns, not that I'm naming names or anything."

Palin said she was fortunate enough to have been able to resign before her term as governor ended and to quit her book tour early because "the time is right for me to tell people not to quit."

Palin's Never Say Die tour is scheduled to run through the end of March unless, of course, she cancels it early.

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