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Saturday, November 14, 2009

by R J Shulman

WASHINGTON - (PTSD News) - Senator Barbara Boxer said she would support the House version of the health care reform bill, with one condition. "If this new legislation makes womens reproductive issues, such as abortion off limits for health insurance providers, than it is only fair that the bill do the same for mens reproductive health," Boxer said. I propose there be no health care coverage for any medical issue involving male impotence, prostrate problems or testicular cancer."

Senator Boxer's amendment was met with strong opposition. "Who does she think she is to try and bring in big government to tell us what to do with our bodies." said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. "This is a private issue that should be between a man and his doctor," said Senator Jon Kyl, of Arizona, "not with some government bureaucrat sticking their nose into private business." "Men are going to forced to go into back alleys to find third rate Viagra made by medical hacks," said Senator John Cornyn of Texas, "and who know how many deaths this will cause."

Not all senators are apposed to the Boxer amendment. Senator Joe Lieberman said, "I don't see anything wrong with the amendment. Women can find other ways to deal with a little erectile dysfunction." The Post Times Sun Dispatch has learned that Senator Lieberman received a $100,000 donation from Hamden, Connecticut based Man-O-Man Industries, Inc., the largest maker of hand held vibrators.

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