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Monday, October 26, 2009

by R J Shulman

WASHINGTON - (PTSD News) - According to a secret memorandum uncovered by the Washington Times, the Obama administration is not only shunning Fox News but has placed its senior executives and top anchors at the top of its list of who gets interrogated by Obama's newly formed death panels. "Why is this not surprising?" said Roger Ailes, President of Fox News Network, "what I can't understand is why this foreign born gun grabbing Muslim terrorist who is the most liberal and unqualified president of all time didn't want to have an honest discussion of the issues on our network?"

"Those hypocrites in the Democrat Party always talk about rights, but are the first to take away the First Amendment Rights of conservatives who want to tell the truth," said Glenn Beck. "At least when Bush gave the press the finger, he did it for patriotic reasons."

"I can't believe how petty Obama is to punnish Fox for breaking the story of the billions and billions of people who participated in the anti-Obama tea parties," said Neil Cavuto, "But of course, his attack on Fox News is just a decoy ploy of the Obamanistas to bury the real stories like how the Democrat Party replaced their whole platform with the gay agenda or the horrifying fact that Obama is planning to force everyone to replace Jesus with Mohammed."

Commentator Bill O'Reilly expressed his anger over the Obama target memo, saying, "The only thing that makes me angrier than Hussein Hussein Obama's targeting of Fox news for extermination is that I didn't make his enemies list." Speculation is that O'Reilly's ratings have been dropping, making him a less desirable target.

The Obama administration is denying the memo, but said the Washington Times story has given them some very interesting new ideas.

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