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Friday, October 16, 2009

by R J Shulman

NEW YORK - (PTSD News) - Fox News seems to have asked and answered their own question: Did six year old Falcon Heene, better known as the balloon boy hide in his attic to escape being forced to watch a Barack Obama speech? Yes, indeed, Fox says.

Neil Cavuto reported that "Ever since Obama was allowed to brainwash school children with his talk to them, little Falcon became terrified he would be forced to watch a presidential speech." Richard Heene, the boy's father told Fox News that he had been teaching his sons how to escape the creeping fascism of the Obama administration by building hot air balloons as their science project. Richard told Cavuto, "I home school my kids so they can avoid the clutches of the socialist Jesus denying fascists who have infiltrated our public education." Heene said the next school project will involve beer, parts of pick-up trucks and guns."

Authorities are not sure if the incident was real or a hoax after Falcon originally said that the whole thing was part of a show. "What he meant," said his father who made sure the whole incident was filmed, "was that if we pulled this off, the news media would follow us 24/7 and ignore real news stories such as the health care mess, the unemployment mess and the mess in Afghanistan." The Post Times Sun Dispatch contacted the major networks to see if they thought they had been deliberately sidetracked into covering this story. Only one network, NBC returned our call saying, "how could you be wasting our time with such a stupid question, when we have to find out balloon boy's favorite video game."

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