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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

by R J Shulman

NEW YORK - (PTSD News) - The Post Times Sun Dispatch has obtained from a reliable source a copy of the until now unknown interview of President Obama by Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto. The interview did not go as planned, as you will undoubtably understand from reading the following excerpts, so it was never aired.

Here is the transcript:

FOX: Good evening. I'm Neil Cavuto of Fox News, where we present the facts and let you decide. And unlike the other networks, we do not put a spin on the news or the questions we ask our guests. Tonight, please welcome the man falsely elected President by Acorn criminal voter fraud, Barack Hussein Hussein Hussein Hussein Obama. Did I forget to say Hussein? Well this is surely a first, Mr. Hussein for you to appear on Fox News.

OBAMA: It's President Obama, if you please and yes this is the first time I've appeared on the Fox Lies Network.

FOX: When did you first decide to include death panels in your health care reform, Mr. Hussein?

OBAMA: That's Obama. Let me make this clear. I did not include death panels in my health care package until I learned that most of the Fox News staff would be on the plan.

FOX: Mr. Hussein, why did you want to subject the American people to doctor rationing?

OBAMA: It's Obama. That's just not true. You can see Dr. Kervorkian anytime you like.

FOX: You've obviously seen all the spontaneous tea parties protesting your presidency. How come you have not acknowledged these thoughtful Americans who are exercising their First Amendment rights, Mr. Obama?

OBAMA: Hussein. Now you've got me turned around. Mr. Cavuto, to be honest, I never thought lemmings were all that thoughtful.

FOX: You and your followers have complained that at these tea parties, loyal Americans have been comparing you to Hitler, yet you were silent when liberals compared President Bush to the German leader. How come?

OBAMA: That's also not true. I have always maintianed that there was a major differrence between Hitler and Bush - Hitler actually got elected.

FOX: In what part of Kenya were you born?

OBAMA: You should know that, Neil. I was born in the area of Kenya where all the anti-American Muslims live who want to become president of the United States by faking birth certificates in Hawaii so they can become Commander in Chief and take away American's guns, girlfriends and god and replace them with gays, gays and more gays.

FOX: Wow! Now that is the first thing you've ever said that's not a lie. Now that you are on the truth wagon, when did you stop beating your wife?

OBAMA: When I started seeing yours.

FOX: That's all we have time for right now. Thank you Mr. Hussein. We will be right back when we answer the question, "Is there a best way to take action against an illegitimate black president who wants to force his communist homosexual Muslim agenda on your family?

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