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Monday, May 09, 2016


by R J Shulman

TRUMP, D.C. – (PTSD News) – One Hundred days have passed since the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017.  The Post Times Sun Dispatch has compiled the following list of the major accomplishments made during that time by the Trump Administration:
·         Trump stacks his cabinet with super models from former Iron Curtain countries, saying, “it’s not so much about a woman’s right to choose, but more about my right to choose a woman.”

·         Trump bails out Trump Casinos.

·         Trump builds a twelve-foot high wall between the United States and Mexico, but in a surprise move builds it so New Mexico is on the Mexico side saying, “we already have too many Mexicans in the country. We don’t need any New Mexicans.”

·         Trump bails out Trump Real Estate.

·         Trump replaces Teddy Roosevelt’s likeness with his own on Mt. Rushmore and renames it Mt. Trumpmore.

·         Trump bails out Trump University.

·         Trump re-names the White House, “Trump House.”

·         Trump bails out Trump Fashions.

·         Trump threatens to shut down the entire US auto industry if Ford does not change the name of their turbocharged direct injection gasoline engines from Ford Eco-boost to Trump Ego-boost.

·         Trump bails out Trump Mortgage.

·         Trump not only replaces the planned portrait of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill with his own portrait, but orders that his portrait appear on all US currency.

·         Trump bails out Trump Steaks.

·         Trump Names Jeb Bush Secretary of Applause.

·         Trump bails out Trump Gaming Company.

·         Trump says “you’re fired” to Congress.

·         Trump nominates himself for the vacant seat on the US Supreme Court.

·         Trump bails out Trump Airlines.

·         Trump erects a huge statue of himself to replace the Washington Monument.

·         Trump bails out Trump Beverages.

·         Trump renames China “Oriental America” so he can print “Made in America” on his companies’ products.

·         Trump bails out Trump Vodka.

·         Trump names Sarah Palin Ambassador to Siberia and sends her there saying, “It makes sense, because that’s the part of Russia she can see from her house.”

·         Trump bails out Trump Magazine.

·         Trump declares the United States bankrupt due to an excessive amount of bail outs.

·         Trump wins a world-wide televised peeing contest with Kim Jong-un and gets to move his factories to Pyongyang where he can pay workers 8 cents an hour.

·         Trump chastises the press for saying his has a large ego.


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