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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


by R J Shulman

WASHINGTON – (PTSD News Service) – In an unprecedented season of political intrigue in the presidential primaries, scores of high profile members of the GOP are angry with presumptive nominee Donald Trump for forgetting to be politically correct.  “How dare he blurt out hatred for Mexicans and Muslims instead of using our standard dog whistle comments about securing our borders,” said former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who was soundly defeated by Trump.

“It is so disgusting for Trump to have made our position clear about treating women as second class citizens by belittling them, when all he had to do was say he favors traditional family values,” said Senator Ted Cruz, who was soundly defeated by Trump.

“How stupid of him to encourage bullies at his rallies to pound on the weak, when all he had to do was say that America must be the strongest country on earth to deal with undesirable countries,” said Senator Marco Rubio, who was soundly defeated by Trump.

“How moronic of Trump to accept endorsements from white supremacists which looks bad when all he had to do was say he supports law enforcement, hates hoodies and that all lives matter,” said former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who was soundly defeated by Trump.  Agreeing with Perry, former President George H. W. Bush said, “Trump should have avoided any appearance of being a racist by things he says off the cuff, when all he had to do was run a Willie Horton type ad right before the general election.”

But obviously, most Republicans have not found Trump’s message shocking as he has crushed the competition which once numbered sixteen other candidates.  As one typical long-time Republican voter and Trump supporter, Billy Joe Bobb of Dust Stump, Georgia said, “It’s about time one of our leaders spoke my mind.” 


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