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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


by R J Shulman

APOPKA, Florida – (PTSD News Service) – George Zimmerman is claiming that he needed to “stand his ground” after his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe “went crazy on him.”   In an exclusive interview with the Post Times Sun Dispatch, Zimmerman said, “It all happened right after Samantha asked me if the dress she was wearing made her look fat.  I said ‘yes’ which was true and then all hell broke loose.  She smashed her glass table, her sunglasses and then gave me an evil look.  I was afraid she would use the kitchen floor as a lethal weapon by smashing my head into it, so that is when I had to pull out my gun.”

Zimmerman is currently out on $9,000 bail on the conditions that he does not visit his girlfriend’s house and does not carry a gun.  He was appointed a public defender because Zimmerman claimed that he had $150 to his name, yet owed more than $2.5 million. 

When asked if talk show host Sean Hannity, who helped him raise thousands of dollars in his defense in the Treyvon Martin case would assist him this time, Zimmerman said that Hannity told him no because this time it was a case where an Hispanic looking male pointed a gun at a white woman and get arrested for it and where is the story or injustice in that?

Zimmerman’s arraignment has been set for January 7, 2013.


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