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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

by R J Shulman

SANTA FE - (PTSD News Service) - As promised, the new House Republican majority flexed is muscles today by voting to repeal the health care reforms passed by the last Congress. With this action, Republicans voted to once again allow insurance companies to shun anyone with a pre-existing contdition, they voted to yank your child off of your health insurance policy, they voted to bring back the ability of insurance companies to pull the plug on any customer they feel is costing them too much money, even if and usually if they are in the middle of life and death treatment, they voted to send seniors back into the donut hole where they have to choose between the high cost of life saving drugs or food and shelter, they voted to add millions to the deficit according to the non-partisan CBO, and these Republicans voted to once again condemn 45,000 innocent Americans to death each year who would be unable to obain health insurance because of the actions of a panel of private sector insurance company CEOs and bureaucrats.

The Republicans are right about one thing, the private sector is better at running more efficient death panels than government employees at Medicare who don't seem to be as good at denying medical care as the private insurance companies have proven to be.

The Republicans made this futile (they know the Senate will not pass it and President Obama wouldn't sign it) and time and money wasting effort to repeal health care reform their first order of business, claiming it is the will of the American people to do all of the mischief as described above.

OK, so help me out here. Either when I was asleep, the American public suddenly became so damn mean they want to sentence people to death or is it more like what Steve Cohen (D-Tenn) said when he compared the pounding repetition of Republican lies that the health care reform bill was a government takeover of medical care to the repetition of the lies the Nazi's spread about the Jews in the 30s and 40s. History shows there were an awful lot of Germans who after such relentless repetition of such lies believed at the time that the Jews really were to blame for all of Germany's problems, just like recent polls showed that a great deal of Americans thought the health care bill was the first step into turning America into a socialist tyranny.

But I better tone this piece down now that we have been told that such rhetoric has no place after theTucson tragedy. However, I really don't believe we have to do that as the Republicans have repeated over and over again that their violent comments about hating the government and their constant gun totin' Second Amendment actions and analogies had aboslutely nothing to do with the bullets sprayed at a government official in Tucson and that it is perfectly OK to call their overturn of the health care reform the Repeal the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act. But just in case anyone reads what I wrote about how the Republicans don't give a RIP about life, health, or the American public and decides to take the radical action of not voting for them next time, I will be humbled and guilty as charged.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

made me laugh again. keep it coming. Because if I don't laugh I will cry.

10:49 PM  

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