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Saturday, January 15, 2011

by R J Shulman

After being criticized for her comments regarding the tragedy in Tucson last week, Sarah Palin has promised to face the pubic on a live unrehearsed and personal interview with Fox's Sean Hannity. "The public has aright to know the truth about the real victim of the unfortunate tragedy last week," Hannity said, "and of course that is Sarah Palin."

"The last thing Amercia needs in this time of out of control government spending is for the liberal press to continue their unrelenting attack on a great Americans such as Sarah by asking such biased questions such as 'what magazines do you read, like what that American hating Marxis Katic Couric did."

The Post Times Sun Dispatch has obtained a list of some of the questions that Hannity will ask Palin. Here are seven of them:

1. Just where is the public outrage over how the liberal press tried to make the recent tragedy in Tucson all about blaming you, Sarah rather than about how if the left hadn't blocked people from owing guns with too much government regulations, there would have been more citizens there who could have blown that Communist Manifesto Mein Kampf reading madman away before he could do that much damage?

2. Why does the liberal press miss the point that due to the dumbing down of our education system by greedy teacher's unions, Americans didn't learn the difference between surveyors markings like you used on your web sight aimed at liberal traitors and real gun sights which you are being falsely accused of using?

3. Isn't it amazing how liberals think they can get away with calling you an anti-semite for using the term "blood-libel" when not one of them has proven that Jews in fact did not steal Christian babies for their blood rituals?

4. Just how long will it take before Amercians wake up to the fact that the biased liberal media are too busy attacking you for defeding he Constiution with the very same weapons, guns used by our founding fathers, rather than to report the real story that Obama is planning to take away those very guns to give them to his band of crack-smoking Black Panther youth who now that Acorn has finally been disbanded for stealing the election for Obama, will now have nothing to do but carry out the bidding of Obama, George Soros and self admitted communist Bernie Sanders?

5. Isn't it interesting that the liberal media tries to paint the Tea Party as inciting violence when all they are trying to do is expose Obama for the dangerous commuinst dictator he is how he and his anti-American, Anit-Christian and Anti-gun agenda must be stopped at either the ballot box or bullet box and how it was really the liberals who started it ally by calling George W. Bush a war monger, budget buster, and that he looked like a confused Chimp who didn't know where to throw his feces next.

6. We all know how the liberal press has been after you, hounding you, tracking you down, pointing their left leaning media fingers at you. On this fair and balanced program, I will be just that, fair and balanced. I will be asking you fair, but tough questions so Amercians can learn just who is the real Sarah Palin. With that in mind, would you please tell us which of the three magazines that I am holding up in front of your face that you read on a regular basis?"

7. Tell us why in your own words, Sarah how important it is for good conservatives and independents to be lock and loaded, to keep their powder dry, their aim true and their finder on the trigger to be be ready to take down any liberals who blame your for using too many gun references in your speeches to Americans?


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