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Thursday, November 04, 2010

by R J Shulman

GRAYSON, New Mexico - (PTSD News) - Is it a book from the future or an elaborate hoax? That is the quesiton surrounding The Rise and Fall of the American Empire, an e-book claiming to have been written in 2074 by Xiao Chen that has recently surfaced and then spead all over the electronic media. The material first appeared in early December 2009 on a smart phone that was accidentally sent through a partical accelorator in a Colorado lab.

"The reason it is hard to dismiss this as a hoax is that the book accurately 'predicted' the 2010 election eleven months before it happened and announced the San Francisco Giants as the World Series Champions with exact scores," said Samuel V. Comstock of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who has been studying the information. The book contained one other section on the supposed end of America as a world power.

Here is the excerpt from the e-book, which showed up in Chinese and has been translated into English:

The fall of America, until the rise of modern China the most powerful nation in history, can be traced to a theory of economics called 'trickle down' in which great privalege was given to the most wealthy and powerful with the idea that great fortune would then trickle down to the great American middle class. Alas, the reverse happened and wealth and fortune trickled up even more to the wealthy few....

The last great hope was President Barack H. Obama (2008-2012) the first and only American President of African descent who tried to revese this course, but thought it was more important to be liked by the opposition forces, the Corporatists masquerading as the Repbulican party, than to fight for his ideas and the ideals of his followers. Obama's Democratic forces were soundly defeated at the battle of 2010 and Obama was eventually impeached for trying to unconstitutionally keep Americans healthy with changes in the manner in which medical care was dispersed, which was ultmately considered in voilaton of the law of Corporate profits.

Others blamed the demise of the American dream on Democrats for not having the cojones, a slang term of Hispanic origin meaning not standing up for one's beliefs, to oppose the appointment of Corporatist lawyers Samuel Alito and John Roberts to the United States Supreme Court who ruled that corporations were the real people the founding fathers had created America for and whose interests should be protected at all costs over the rights of the selfish few. This led to the Corporate take over of America in 2012 and the ultimate sale of its parts to China, Taiwan and newly emerging Viet Nam...

While some people beleive this e-book information has indeed come from the future, and maybe gives America a chance to survive instead of suffering such a dreary fate, Republicans have dismissed this book as a hoax by the "sore loser liberals." "This is just more of the socialist propoganda of people who want the boot heel of Government on the necks of corporations, instead of where it belongs, on the necks of people who support big government interfering with profits," said Senator elect- Rand Paul.


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