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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

by R J Shulman

TALLAHASSEE, Florida - (PTSD News) - Gord Massey, Superintendent of the Tallahassee South School District announced this year he isn't going to ban President Obama's speech to school children from his classrooms. "Rather than be a lightning rod for the hate of the liberal media," Massey said, "this year we are offering a school choice - the black kids can watch their president and the white kids get to hear from theirs, the last one being George W. Bush."

Massey said, "It's was not my place to criticize Barack Obama just because he is misleading those kids into thinking toughing it out in school will get them any more money or status in life than if they just quit school to take more traditional jobs such as train porters, cotton pickers or guys who will do a little soft shoe for you if you threw him enough coins." Massey said the white kids would get a smogasbord of old Bush speeches, "including one of hope President Bush gave for the residents of New Orleans after Katrina drowned half the town, and a speech of praising those that have achieved success against all odds in his "and Brownie is doing a heck of a job speech, along with Bush's now famous mission accomplished speech."

Massey is not alone in his beliefs there needs to be balance whenever a president tries to talk to kids. "Those hypocritical Democratic Socialiast Nazis say they want the fairness doctrine back to force conservative talk shows to spout liberal trash, but when you suggest that students have the right to hear both sides when there is a liberal preisdent, they are stunningly silent," said Wanda Wildenoort, an assistant school principal in Valdosta, Georgia. Wildenoort said she is happy to replay Bush speeces because "it is important for children to see a man who knew how to stick to his guns, even when the guns were pointed at his own feet."

The Bush speech choice will be offered in about 23% of all schools across the country in Fall 20004.


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