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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

by R J Shulman

WASHINGTON - (PTSD News) - A planned rally in support of extending the Bush tax cuts for the super rich fizzled out today when organizers were unable to find even one American who got a job created by these big tax breaks. "We expeted at least as many for our event as came for Glenn Beck's God and Honor shindig," said rally organizer and former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond, "but all those people who we know found employment due to the top eraners getting billions in tax cuts just never seemed to materialize."

Reynolds mentioned they did locate Fred Gregg, a 37 year-old boat salesman from Marina del Rey, California who was hired by Excelsior Yachts of Hermosa Beach to handle the big boat buying surge when the Bush tax breaks first took place. "However, Gregg has since been laid off ever since the top 1% of American earners finally gorged themselves on new yachts," Raymond said.

The group that is supporting the extension of the tax cuts to the richest Americans, called the Protect Upper Tax Zealots or PUTZ, said they will not give up pushing for these generous tax breaks for the wealthy to continue. "With the use of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the entire Republican party," Raymond said, "we will make sure the American people know these tax cuts are the best way for Amrica to fight radical Islam, to help prevent illegal Mexican thugs from coming across the border to behead American ranchers, as well as protecting the right to own guns as well as make sure there is proper protection for the Baby Jesus from a foreign born Muslim in the White House who wants to shove communist health care down your throats."
Raymons said PUTZ will be announcing a date for the new rally. "Ther is nothing more American that basball, motherhood, apple pie and CEO bonuses.


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