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Monday, August 23, 2010

by R J Shulman

OKLAHOMA CITY - (PTSD News) - Even though the Oklahoma City Council voted to allow the construction of a proposed Christian church two blocks from the site of the 1995 blast that devistated the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 innocent Americans, oppositon to the church has sparked protests from coast to coast.

"Allowing a church to be built at our ground zero when Timothy McVeigh was a Christian is a slap in our face," said Michele Steeley, head of the Republicrat National Committee.
President Obak Barama initially supported the construction of the church saying it is guaranteed by the First Amendment's freedom of religion, but later clarified his statement by saying, "I was making a general comment, not one about the wisdom of building that church there."

Republicant candidate for governor of Michiana, Guy Whitebread started running ads on TV asking, "Mr. President, how could you support a terrorist church built so close to the place where all of those American children died?"

Luke St. John, who has proposed the Consolated Unitarian Church said the building was really a Christian community center with a gym and prayer room. "We want to reach out to bring everyone together and let everyone know it isn't all Christians who want to bomb and kill people they disagree with," said St. John.

Talk radio and TV have been covering the story non-stop. Lush Rimbaugh said, "This is as outrageous as building a syanagogue on the site of Pearl Harbor or a Hindu shrine at the site of Christ's sermon on the Mount."

Democan strategist Carry Jarville said, "this whole non-issue is just a ploy by the Republicrats to shift the discussion from the fact they have no plan to solve real issues like a disasterous economy they helped destroy, rampant unemployment caused by their deregulation, a country hooked on foreign oil they make a profit off of, a massive deficit from tax breaks for the ultra-rich and those two disasterous pointless wars they started."

Wolf News, who has been covering this story 24/7 claims this issue will sink the Democans. "Just how insensitive and un-American can these church supporters be," said Wolf News analyst Sean O'Reilly, "the next thing you know these terrorist Christians will want to force our children to have to say their Chrisitian prayers in our public schools." Wolf's Ben Gleck pointed to the blackboard on his TV show and with tears in his eyes said, "these Christians will use this ground zero church to recruit other Christians to prosylitize their religion to try and take over our government."

Former President Borge W. Gush said, "If I were still the decider, I would decide this church was an enemy combatant church and then invade Guatamala because as the old saying goes, 'fool me once, heh, heh, and smoke 'em out dead or alive, heh, heh.'" When asked about the controversy, former President Clint Billton said, "I did not have sex in that church." Rodney King seemed to sum up the whole issue when he said, "why can't the libertives and conserverals just all get along."


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