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Monday, October 04, 2010

by R J Shulman

LOS ANGELES - (PTSD News) - Citing the perils of political opponents unfairly using illegal aliens to entrap patriotic American candidates, California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman announced that the Don't Ask Don' t Tell policy not only be continued in the military, but be applied to the hiring of domestic servants.

Whitman claimed that if the Don't Ask Don't Tell law for servants and hired help had been in place, "Jerry Brown and his liberal henchmen couldn't have exploited that poor woman I fired for purely political gain because I would not be in trouble because I never asked." Whitman has been under fire for hiring housekeeper Nicky Diaz for nine years, even though Diaz was not in the country legally, but recently has been fighting back by blaming Jerry Brown for her troubles.

Whitman also blamed Ms. Diaz. "I didn't tell her to enter the country illegally or drive her across the border in a van. All I did was once she was here use my right to the free market to get a bargain for getting my work done. What is wrong with that?"


Anonymous Montana said...

Griff Harsh, the husband of California gubernatorial candidate Nutneg Whitman, acknowledged in a statement on Thursday that "it is possible" he received and wrote notes on a letter from the Social Security Administration back in 2003, regarding the former housekeeper. The Whitman/ Harsh household then fired their housekeeper in June 2009 (after nine years of service), when Nutmeg handlers decided that she was an election liability.

Meg, Meg, Meg, where do I start, you have reportedly spent $119 million of your own money to get elected Governor but you couldn’t use some of it to get your housekeeper (after nine years of service) some legal help to get her papers, and worse you lied about it. Wow, what a WITCH, of course I meant it with a “B”.

But your comments on holding employers accountable for hiring undocumented workers real takes the cake, I assume you exempt yourself and your husband, or will you be turning yourself in.

Meg on holding employers accountable:

Meg you think you can buy the election, but what puzzles many is if you real cared and loved California then why not do your civic duty and vote, seems more rhetoric than anything else.

In good times we might give you a try but not in our disaster mode that we find ourselves in after that so-called outsider Independent Republican, named Arnold Schwarzenegger (sold to us by radio personalities John and Ken), ruined our state, yah we will trust another one of you liars, think not. And another thing nine years this maid was in your house, in your house and you failed to learned this major thing about her, come on this sounds like a huge lie that no one can believe in.

Ebay paid out $200,000 because Nutmeg assaulted an employee, so it’s not the first time she has mistreated an employee. Good luck winning Nutmeg, money will buy you admiration from the majority just from the Gay Old Party (GOP), but not from all of California.

9:42 PM  

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