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Saturday, October 02, 2010

by R J Shulman

It's not about a mosque at ground zero
Or government bail outs for a 911 hero
It's not whether some mega preacher got laid
Or what Meg Witman knew about her maid

It's not whether or not the Feds should be making cars
Or who gets booted off Dancing With the Stars
It's not about death panels or Obamacare
It's not about what's right, or what's fair

It's all about what they want you to think
After they gave you the Kool-Aid to drink
Because it's simply about how the ultra rich will get more
And how the rest of us will get poor

It's not about the sin and scourge of higher taxes
Or about what Fox News says the facts is
It's not about being a life long Republican or Democrat
a Liberal, Conservative or a member of this or that

It's not about a woman's right to choose
Or guns or bibles or drugs or booze
It's not who's to blame for Gulf oil spills
Or dangers of Canadian perscription pills

It's not about bringing back the good old days
Of banning nuptual vows for gays
Or no one pulling the card about race
Because men were men and all else knew their place

It's about the truth the powerful dare not speak
About strengthening the strong and weakening the weak
Because November is all about how the rich will get more
And how the rest of us will get poor

It's not about sudden surges of aliens pounding on our gate
Or telling Arizonans who they should hate
It's not about premarital sex or internet porn
Or where the hell Obama was born
It's not about states of red or blue
Or if Glenn Beck is as sane as me or you
It's not about freedom not being free
Or about the rage of a party drinking tea

It's a wager by those out numbered ten-thousand to one
to see if we are as dumb as they think we're dumb
Because your vote will say if the rich get more
And if the rest get poor

It's not about some minority with a welfare Cadilllac
Or Dr. Laura saying the N word and trying to take it back
It's not whether the president is some communist nazi
Or about Paris or Britney's latest photo of their hotzie totzie

It's not about global warming hitting Pennsylvania
Or about Rush Limbaugh's meglomaina
It's not about whos more American - Christian, Muslim, or Jew
Or about what some frightened fat white man thinks Jesus would do

It's about which party has sold thier souls to a greater degree
And will do and say anthing so you and I won't see
It's all about how the rich will get more
And how the rest of us will get poor

It's not about the North versus the South
Or what comes out of Bill O'Reilly's mouth
It's not about government being way too big
Or if we should drill or if we should dig

It's not about the lazy unemployed
Or whether they have a right to be annoyed
It's not about ending don't ask don't tell
Or who has the loudest scream or loudest yell

So don't let the millions spent on campaign ads
Make you angry and make you mad
Because you really know what each party stands for
Whether the rich get rich and the poor get poor


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