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Monday, April 05, 2010

by R J Shulman

VATICAN CITY - (PTSD News) - Easter Mass came and went without Pope Benedict XVI addressing the issues regarding alleged wrongdoings by the Catholic Church. Even so, the successor to the St. Peter received glowing praise from Cardinal Angelo Sodano, dean of the College of Cardinals, lauding the pontiff for great spiritual leadership and praising him for his staunch refusal to be swayed by gossip regarding his role in protecting pedophile priests and rumors of his participation in the Nazi Youth.

"Saying the German National Socialist Party did anything horrible is nothing more than a smear campaign against the Pope because of any possible affiliation he had with the Nazi party in the 1930's," Sodano said, "and these are the same Vatican haters who claim the Church tortured people during the Spanish Inquisition." Soldano said this was all part of "the vile smear campaign perpitrated by the anti-Catholic media who want to weaken the moral authority of the Pope with these lies and false stories of pedophile priests."

"Pope Benedict XVI is infallible in his decision to ignore these viscious and unfair attacks," said William Donohue, President of the Catholic League, "Even if the Catholic Church had tortured poeple, and I am not saying that they ever have, such inhanced interrogation has produced irrefutable evidence that all of the problems of torture, Nazi sympathisizing, and protection of pedophile priests were caused by a few disgruntled and renegade homosexuals."

The Pope who has for the most part remained silent on allegations against the Church, issued a statement that those who make such charges against the Vatican should beware as he "knows where they live and whether they have any relatives in the old country."

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