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Thursday, February 26, 2009

By R J Shulman
BEND, Oregon (PTSD News) – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was injured today when his car was overcome by lava that erupted from little known Mt. Iconic in eastern Oregon. Jindal, who was on an impromptu vacation following his poorly received nationally televised response to President Obama’s budget speech, was flown to Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland where he is listed as in guarded condition.

“It was so weird, like right out of the X files,” said Oregon State trooper Kyle Wallingford who was first on the scene, “a stream of ash and lava came out of nowhere and hit that poor car like it was aiming for it.” Jindal’s Lexus sedan was completely destroyed.

“They should rename Mt. Iconic Mt. Ironic,” said Vancouver, Washington mayor Royce Pollard, “after all, Jindal criticized Obama for having money in the budget to monitor volcanoes and the first time Jindal visits the Northwest, he’s popped by one.”

Timmy Teepell, Governor Jindal’s chief of staff said, “the governor is standing, well lying dwon by his comments. Democrat pork is democrat pork. Wasting money on monitoring volcanoes or lightening strikes is unconscionable when that money should be use to bail out bank executives.” Teepell did say he won’t be accompanying Jindal during a thunderstorm anytime soon.


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