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Monday, February 23, 2009

By R J Shulman
WASHINGTON – (PTSD news) - Republican governors are split on whether to take money directed to their states by President’ Obama’s stimulus package. “On one hand we need the cash,” Said Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, “but now that we are out of power and the Dems are in, we have to go back to our strategy of calling for smaller government and accepting this stimulus money goes against that.” “Don’t make me take that money by waving it in my face more than once or twice,” said Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and considered a front runner in the Republican party for a run for the Presidency in 2012. “It’s just like those satanic democrats to tempt us with cold hard cash,” Governor Sarah Pailn said.

“Republican governors should take the money slated to fix large corporations who are in trouble, you know are short on cash to give out promised top exec bonuses, but should reject unemployment benefits and other money slated to help the poor as it will give them little or no incentive to work,” said Wayne C. Hollis of the Heritage Foundation.

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford , has a different take on his choices surround the stimulus package money earmarked for his state. “Besides taking or leaving it, we can secede from the Union.” Sanford stated that he will probably wait until the government check clears before he calls for his state to leave the union.

“In any case whatever you Republican Governors do,” said GOP chief strategist Rush Limbaugh in a conference call with Republican governors, “don’t do anything in your state that could possibly cause any result to be construed that Obama has succeeded at anything.”

Mississippi’s Haley Barbour said that calling for an end to big spending isn’t the only traditional GOP value the party need to return to now that the Democrats are back in power, “we have to emphasize the need for term limits.”


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