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Sunday, April 21, 2013

by R J Shulman
SANTA FE, New Mexico - (PTSD News Service)  - Well it looks like Conservatives and the Right will soon be in pig heaven, now that the Boston bombers are apparently Muslims who may have been radicalized by religious fundamentalists into committing their heinous acts.  The Right Wingers have found their Monica Lewinsky to trot out against President Obama.  Expect the rest of his presidency to be bogged down in endless investigations by the Republican House as to just how bad Obama was, how he was soft on terrorism, why it took so long for him to call it an act of terror, that he really is a Muslim, if not a Muslim apologist, and even whether he was the very person who radicalized the bombers into carrying out their crimes.  This concentration on the “got-ya” game against Obama has another benefit for the House, - it gets the House off the hook to work on things like fixing the economy, putting people back to work, educating our children, protecting us from gun violence, protecting us from, oh, lets say companies and corporations that are unsafe, like the fertilizer plant in West, Texas, that are hazardous neighbors (don’t expect much of an investigation here).  No, instead, the House will be rolling around in the mud, squealing and snorting for the impeachment of the president.  They won’t even care to lean any lessons of how to better avoid future incidents from happening and if and how there may have been any breakdowns, mistakes or poor planning in the procedures in place to stop such terrorist acts from happening.  No, this will all be about blame, blame, blame, the blame game to blame Barack Oblayma.  They will go on and on about how you have to elect Republican to keep us safe.  They will trot out that old chestnut, forgetting that Bush was in office when 9-11 happened.  They will whip up fear.  They will whip up hatred.  They will moan and lament that if only Romney had been elected.  I can just imagine if Romney had been elected.  Lets, face it, Romney would have been too busy counting the extra money he would soon be sending to the Caymans to have changed any anti-terrorism policies if they, in fact did need changing.  So the bombs in Boston will still have gone off.   But you can bet there would be a big difference in the response.  Congress wouldn’t be investigating President Romney.  They would be too busy making plans to invade Iran.


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