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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PTSD Musings #2

SANTA FE, New Mexico – (PTSD News Service) – So today is ten years after all of us Americans (yep, we all paid for it), represented by our appointed leaders, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and fueled by the greed of big oil, shock and awed the world with a devastating attack and invasion of Iraq, a country where the oldest known written law was ever found.

Being that today is the ten year anniversary of all of this shock and awe, we are going to be forced to think about all of that shock and awe for a moment or two with some reflection.  We will reflect for a moment that over 4,000 American citizens died there, countless others were severely wounded physically and mentally, not to mention probably over one million Iraqis killed, their homeland crushed and looted, but who is really counting each and every Iraqi who died due to the shock and awe and its aftermath (although doing the math - that is like the entire population of San Francisco being wiped out, which might not bother some people all that much either).  Oh, and don’t forget the trillion dollars it cost for all of this world class shock and awe, and how these funds to power it and its aftermath were taken out of the shared sacred pot of gold called “taxpayer money.”

So, today, anniversary day, there will be a few comments on the news channels about Iraq and the shock and awe and the aftermath, all made between news reports of who is on this season of Dancing With the Stars and bets taken on how soon Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn’s newly announced relationship will go downhill like one of Vonn’s legendary ski runs or comments about whether President Obama looks like the actor who portrayed the Devil on the History Channel’s historically questionable Bible miniseries, and other talk show comments on whether it should be considered immoral to ask rich people and gigantic corporations that are too big to fail to have to pay more in taxes when these mega shortfalls in the budget and gargantuan deficits can easily be taken care of by first raiding entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and programs like Head Start and Food Stamps before daring to suggest that we penalize the successful.

So before we forget about the ten year anniversary of shock and awe and we move on to the next celebrity break-up or jailbreak, or a story of how two teenaged football heroes were victimized by a drunk girl who went to a party asking for it and then claimed rape, or whether New Yorkers who are already all hyper, (as in the speed of a New York minute) are allowed to get even more jacked up with mondo sized sugary drinks,  here are some shock and awes I would like to see:

1.       Bush and Cheney and anyone else responsible for the original shock and awe be given life in prison with no parole, but with enhanced interrogation allowed.  Don’t worry, the interrogators wouldn’t be allowed to do to them anything Cheney wouldn’t do.
2.      All the money made by these war criminals and their cronies and immoral clown friends be confiscated to help pay for the rebuilding of Iraq and toward fixing the harm to the Iraqi people and to our soldiers and their families and maybe be used to build a hospital, or bridge or school or two back here in the Homeland.  Oh and none of these funds to fix these problems will be awarded to Halliburton.
3.      Similarly, strip all of the banksters, greedy CEO’s, Wall Street Gang bangers and others whose gangsta greed caused all that financial meltdown and take their ill begotten wealth to pay off bad mortgages, put people back in houses that they got kicked out of and maybe build a hospital, or bridge or school or two and then place these money changers in the same jail as Bush and Cheney, etc. and oh, yeah, it won’t be a country club federal prison, but a jail filled with members of the Bloods and Crips and other members of outlaw gangs, since all these white collar clowns and their gang of thugs have certainly killed more people and stole more money than all the other gangs combined.
4.      That it would be thought of as being just as unpatriotic and un-American as being against the shock and awe of the Iraq invasion back then as to now think it is ok now to raid Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for the sins of the massive greed of the originators of the original shock and awe, which ten year anniversary we are celebrating today.

Now, I could come up with some more shock and awes that I would like to see, but I am about to download a file filled with some juicy celebrity gossip, so maybe you could fill out some shock and awe wishes of your own.    


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