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Sunday, February 12, 2012



 by R J Shulman

 GRAYSON, New Mexico – (PTSD News Service) - To hear a typical conservative talk radio host, Fox News reporter or Republican lawmaker, President Barak Obama is the most tyrannical power hungry figure to ever hold the highest office in the land.  In just over three and a half years in office, according to these frightened and outraged conservatives, and in spite of a hostile Congress made up of principle standing, no-compromise Republicans and anti-liberal blue dog Democrats, Obama’s strong man rule has already stripped more rights away from the average Joe than Hitler, Genghis Kahn and Satan combined didn’t have the hubris to do.

 While I thought perhaps I was in the Twilight Zone hearing such bizarre charges, I soon realized that I was simply in the dark.  I was not shining the light on the right set of rights.  After a careful study of what constitute the possible losses of personal freedom that is so terrifying Republicans, I have come to a new understanding.  

 The following are the rights that Obama has either taken away or is in the process of stripping from right thinking Americans:

 1.      Obama is taking away the birth right to feel superior to people of color (although I am not sure the term “people of color” might not be substituted with just one word that is a bit more traditional).   This birth right gets ripped from the hearts of these Americans every time they are reminded that a “person of color” is living in the White House, instead of simply serving as a maid or butler.

2.      Obama and the “socialist liberal” Democrats are attacking the religious rights of the religious right by trying to stop them from using the law and power of government from shoving their 12th century beliefs down the throats of non-righteous Americans who are just not looking at Jesus in the right way.

3.      Obama is taking away the right of the ultra-wealthy to complete their long thirty year war waged against the middle class to complete their corporate takeover of America without communist regulations, unwashed lazy hippies occupying everything in sight, all hostile actions which are not only anti-capitalist, but will destroy the chances of good righteous conservatives from becoming ultra-wealthy themselves someday.

4.      Obama is taking away the birth right from the righteous to be able to control their women.  Contraception, equal pay, dignity, shoes and the right to have control over the reproductive process happening in their own bodies has caused an anti-Christian “girls gone wild” riot of epic proportions that threatens the rights of the right kind of men from not having to compete for women with those that are inferior.

5.      Obama is taking away the rights of upstanding Americans to not have to be “politically correct” which forces them against their will to have to pretend they are not suspicious and hateful toward those people who look, think and pray differently than their preacher or daddy told them to be or who are gay or educated or worse yet, tolerant.

6.      Obama is taking away the right of the South to feel it has risen again.  No one who looks like Obama could possibly be the boss of anything.

7.      Obama is trying to take the rights away from capitalists to make a profit, but forcing them to pay more in wages than the free market like in China would make them do and force them to lose money on union thug sponsored health and safety regulations that will also put America behind China who doesn’t bother with such communist ideas.

8.      Obama is trying to take away the right for righteous Americans from believing that  Democrats are soft on defense and terror while the Republicans are tough on these things by actually killing Osama Bin Laden when George W Bush was unable to do so.  

9.      Obama is trying to take away the right of conservatives to believe that Obama’s communist policies would destroy the American capitalist system, by having his policies actually stop a great depression and slowly but steadily improve the economy.

10.  Obama has taken away the right of Conservatives from believing that he was going to take away their guns by not taking away their guns.  This makes him a liar too.

Even the most ardent Obama supporters would have to admit that the president has directly or indirectly been on a systematic path of depriving these rights from these righteous Americans on the right.

I understand this now a little better, and I hope this has been eye-opening to those of you who, who like I used to be, were in the dark.


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