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Friday, July 23, 2010

by R J Shulman

WOOSTER, Ohio - (PTSD News) - When Wesley Gordon Neuberger voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980, he told his wife, Evelyn he thought the federal government should cut taxes to the wealthy, support big business, Wall Street and the banks because he beleived in the trickle down theory proposed by the Republican candidate. He wished he could prove the theory worked as promised by Reagan to his doubting friends. Thirty years later, Neuberger seems to have gotten his wish. Mr. Neuberger received an extra thirty-five cents in his annuity check from Harbinger Mutual Ivestments.

"This is such good news for my Wes," said Evelyn Neuberger with tears in her eyes, "if only he could hear me." Neuberger, now 89 years-old, lies in a coma in a rest home in Wooster, Ohio. Neuberger was a forty-one year veteran of Mid-Ohio Air (bought out by United Air Lines in 1981), worked as a baggage handler until United hit some hard times and had to fire him and cancel his pension in a bankruptcy restructuring.

"He would have been so proud that his faith in 'the Gipper' proved correct and that we do indeed live in the greatest country in the world," Evelyn said, "I know Wes would have taken me out on the town with his thirty-five cents if he could, but he just stares at the peeling paint on the ceiling." Neuberger's health insurance cancelled him when he got too sick and he was unable to get treatment, which doctors say caused him to slip into a coma.

Harbinger Mutual Investments, who at first were pleased to be the instruments of a trickle down, soon realized the extra payment was a clerical error and will retrieve the thirty-five cents, plus penalties, a reimbursement fee, and interest at 129.99 percent out of the Neuberger's next few checks. "After all, the worst possible sin in this world is to take money out of the hands and silver spoons out of the mouths CEOs or majority shareholders," said Harbinger Senior Vice President Bill Fold, Jr.

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