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Sunday, December 20, 2009


by R J Shulman

GRAYSON, New Mexico - (PTSD News) - As the decade winds to a close, pundits and wannabe sages are sharing their top ten lists of the decade. But perhaps more important and certainly more lasting, will be what future generations will remember as the crowing achievement of the first decade of the 21st century?

Many remember the 30's as the era of the Great Depression, the 40's for the Greatest Generation, the 50's for tail fins, rock 'n roll and lives of quiet desperation, the 60's - well who the heck can remember the 60's? I will leave it to others to properly label the lack luster 70's or selfish 80's, but perhaps the 90's were marked by NAFTA and that devil with the stained blue blue dress on.

So what of the 00's or perhaps "uh-ohs" as they should be called?" Only time will tell, but here is a list of some of the events that those who follow us may remember the decade that is soon to enter the history books.

So take your choice or add your own.

The 00's will be known as the decade when...

1. Your vote didn't count

2. Torture became acceptable

3. It was discovered that hating gays was what Jesus would do

4. Your house was not your castle, but your albatross

5. Starting preemptive wars of choice was patriotic

6. Intelligence was not a requirement to become president of the United States

7. It was determined health care insurance company profits were not a privalege, but a right

8. The rise of faith based science and the fall of the theories of evolution, prehistoric history and climate change

9. The United States became a wholly owned subsidiary of China

10. Hating others became an American family value

11. TV and reality switched places

12. The president guitared while New Orleans drowned

13. A President allows the worst attack to occur on American soil and becomes a hero for it

14. Tiger Woods implodes and is named athlete of the decade

15. Sarah Palin...need we say more?

16. Wall Street Madoff with all our money and got bailed out for it.

17. The most misleading phrase in the English language became "Fox News"

18. Social networking sites took the place of social networks

19. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage became more popular than God

20. Texting while driving was added to the list of dangerous activities to do while hurtling down the highway

21. The war on the middle class replaced the war on poverty

22. The world became flat again

So what will this decade be known for? Perhaps all that matters is that the 10's can't get here soon enough.

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