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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

By R J Shulman
LEAVENWORTH, Kansas - (PTSD News) – With uncharacteristic indecision, President Elect Barack Obama cannot seem to choose which doggie in the window he wants to take home to his family. However, help may be on the way from a very unexpected source. Former Atlanta Falcon quarterback Michael Vick has offered his expertise on man’s best friend to assist the new First Family find the perfect pet.

“I look for two things in a dog and only two things,” Vick said, “can it bite and can it fight. Now when you be leading a team whether it’s a steroid pumped posse or the free world, you can’t be shy, and you don’t want no dog who will be walking with its tail between its legs. I mean, what kind of signal would that send to the enemy terrorists?

While Vick has not said what dog he favors for the Obamas, he has ruled out Bichon Frises or any other dogs “with faggy French names.” Michael Vick had received a 23 month sentence for his involvement in illegal dog fighting.


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