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Thursday, January 08, 2009

By R J Shulman
PEEKSKILL, New York (PTSD News) – Comedian/Actor Jamie Kennedy launched his bid for the vacant New York Senate seat today from the HaHa House, a comedy club in this small upstate community. “Why should Caroline be the only one to cash in on the political magic of the Kennedy name,” he said, “so I am throwing my hat in the ringer.”

Kennedy has appeared in a number of movies but is best known for his WB television show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment which combined a hidden camera and a comedy sketch to trap an unsuspecting person in bizarre and uncomfortable positions. When the mark looked like they’d reached the end of their rope, Jamie would pop out and yell, “you’ve been X’ed!”

“The Senate has been so lame and stuck on their own self importance,” Kennedy said, “and I know Sarah Palin said it first, but if chosen, I am going to Washington to shake things up. I’ll scare the pants off Congress with talk of terrorists, then I’ll sponsor a bill that strips away Constitutional rights and see if I can get them to vote for it… wait, they did that already. OK, so I will get Congress so distracted with talk of the failing economy than I’ll get them to vote to grant a pass to liars, war criminals, thieves and murderers, you know the Bush administration…wait, they are already working on that. How about this one – I’ll electrify the senator’s chairs from Minnesota and Illinois and shock anyone who tries to sit in them.”


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