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Saturday, November 08, 2008

By R J Shulman
WASHINGTON – (PTSD News) – President Elect Obama met with President Bush to begin the transition of the presidency. “I am really impressicated with Mr. Obama,” Bush said after he emerged from a two hour meeting with the Illinois Senator. “Even after I speechicated to him how bad things really were he still said yes, I can.” “Actually,’ Obama said, “After he told me the real state of the country, I asked him where the can was, as I had to throw up.”

“I know that Mr. Obama will reach across the isle to non-partisan the presidency,” Bush said, “because right after he got back from the bathroom, he said now that he knows what the next president is going to inherit, did he think John McCain would want a recount.” Obama aids, insist that was a joke. The two men talked about the economy, foreign affairs, the War in Iraq and why Bush traded Sammy Sosa to the Cubs.

When I told him the mess I was leaving was such a messy mess that even my daddy and the Supreme court couldn’t fix it,” Bush said, “I was shocked out of my surprise when Obama didn’t bat an eye, but started talking about birthplaces. He said would it make any difference if he disclosed that he was born in Nairobi and not Hawaii?” An Obama spokesperson said the president elect was just kidding.

“When I conversated with him about the actual economic numbers and the bottom lines and the wars in Iraq and showed him the email I keep getting from around the world,” Bush said, “Obama started talking about birth again, asking whether he should tell everyone he was really thirty years old and just looked old for his age. I said to him, you want to look old, just wait to you are the president and the notes come due on all them checks I wrote.”

Obama emerged saying that he wasn’t looking to put a cabinet together unless he could fill the post with super heroes.


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