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Sunday, September 06, 2009

by R J Shulman
CRESTWOOD, Missouri - (PTSD News) - Sources say Chuck Barley of Creve Coeur, Missouri will plead the "Inhannity" defense at his trial which is scheduled to begin next month. Biggins, who has been charged with punching Martha Swann, 23 of Desoto, Missouri when she asked Senator Claire McCaskill if she would help her find affordable health insurance at a town hall meeting.

"I didn't mean to punch that lady in the wheelchair," said Barley who has been renamed "Joe the Puncher" by conservatives, "it's just that after listening to Sean Hannity for hours, whenever someone wants health care reform I assume them a Commie and feel it's my job to defend America any way that I can." The Inhannity defense was used successfully by Dwayne Allen Crenshaw of Wheeling, West Virginia who had phoned 17 death threats against the President, but was found not guilty by reason of Inhannity because he watched Fox News for 488 hours straight.

Ms. Swann, who sustained a broken nose and left arm after falling out of her wheelchair, was refused treatment because she had no health insurance. Friends and family are trying to raise funds for her to get medical attention, but have been harassed by groups following them and shouting at people to not give Ms. Swann a handout. "It's just like liberals to make a mountain out of a mole hill as Joe the Puncher and all those patriotic protesters are exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech," said Rush Limbaugh who has called Ms. Swan a "big liar for faking her paralysis to get sympathy for socialized medicine."

The "punch heard round the world as it has become known," due to extensive exposure on You Tube, has divided America mostly along party lines. "How could he hit that defenseless woman," said Mark Santiago a life long Democrat from St. Louis. "It's about time someone stood up for America," said TV talk show host Glenn Beck, "It just makes me want to..." The rest was unintelligible as Beck broke out crying for the next three minutes. Barley has been booked on Hannity, Laura Ingram and thirty other conservative talk shows in the next two weeks.

Barley, as "Joe the Puncher" will be featured in a new ad showing him punching a government bureaucrat who is trying to get between a patient and her doctor.

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